Extend Swimming Season With Solar Pool Covers

Las Vegas Swimming Pool Covers

Extend the swimming season with solar pool cover installation by Oasis Pool Maintenance, serving Las Vegas and Henderson area pool owners. As your local, professional pool service company, we can help you choose a solar pool cover that is appropriate for your pool.

We can also advise you on when and how to use it, and help you with proper removal and storage at the end of the season as part of our regular pool services.

Benefits Of Solar Pool Covers

A solar pool blanket offers many advantages for your pool, spa, or hot tub. In addition to the extended swimming season, you may be surprised to learn of the numerous ways they can benefit you and possibly save you money.

  • Warmer Water & Reduced Heater Usage
  • Reduced Water Evaporation
  • Lower Chemical Costs & Usage
  • Cleaner Water / Less Debris

Extended Swimming Season

In addition to these great perks, Las Vegas pool owners may be eligible for a rebate from the Southern Nevada Water Authority when they purchase a solar pool cover.

Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Yes, solar pool covers work very well. With no cover at all, your pool water will absorb a substantial amount of sunlight that results in heat. Unfortunately, this will also cause a significant amount of evaporation, especially with our dry, Vegas desert heat.

Some regions can see 4-6 feet of water lost each year in uncovered pools. This means you get less warm water in the long run and the need to add additional water and chemicals.

A solar cover allows the sun to heat the water by acting like a magnifying glass amplifying the sun’s warming effect. It also creates a physical barrier that helps to prevent pool water from evaporating.

Lower Your Pool Operating Costs

When you invest in a pool cover, you encourage water temperature to rise significantly, making the water more comfortable, naturally. You can now run the pool heater less often. The more water you keep in your pool, the less you need to spend on refills chemicals. Altogether, these benefits can add up to significant reductions in your pool operating costs.

Solar Cover Options For Your Pool

We can help you determine the best size and type of solar cover for your pool. Uniquely shaped pools are not an issue. Are you interested in a removable blanket type of cover or a permanent mechanical option? Solar blankets can be easily cut, which we can help you with for an exact custom fit for your pool.

Blue Vs. Clear Covers

There are two main types of solar pool covers, blue and clear. Clear options are thicker, and the thicker the solar blanket, the longer life you should get from it, they also often work better than the blue options.

The initial upfront cost of clear pool covers is more than the upfront cost of the blue option, and the thicker the cover, generally, the higher the price. If the price is a determining factor for you, keep in mind that a lesser expensive blue solar pool cover is still a better option than none at all.

Thermal Covers Vs. Solar Covers

It is also important to note that while the terms are sometimes interchangeably used, a thermal pool cover is not the same thing as a solar pool cover.

While they do have some of the same advantages, a thermal cover helps to hold in the heat that is already in your water. They aren’t designed to increase the temperature of the water. They are also much heavier and cost considerably more than a solar cover.

Your Vegas Pool Service Company

Oasis Pool Maintenance is proud to be a trusted pool service provider for Las Vegas and Henderson area pool owners. Contact us today to learn more about solar pool covers or to set up your regular pool service and scheduled maintenance.