5 Signs You Need New Pool Water

5 Signs You Need New Pool Water

Maybe you’re seeing algae, smelling chemicals, or having a hard time removing stains – does this mean it’s time to drain your swimming pool completely? If you’re going back and forth about calling a local pool company for help, here are 5 signs your Las Vegas pool needs new water.

  1. TDS Levels Are Too High
  2. The Water Is Cloudy Or Smells Bad
  3. The Pump Isn’t Working Efficiently
  4. You See A Lot Of Algae
  5. It’s Been 5-7 Years Since Your Last Drain

1. Check Your Pool’s TDS Level

The TDS level is a measurement of the total amount of dissolved solids in your pool water. Dirt, debris, and chemical residue all contribute to this reading. If the TDS measurement is above 1550 ppm, then you’ll probably need to replace the water.

2. Cloudy & Smelly Water

If you’ve been scheduling routine cleanings, adding enough chemicals, and running your filter, the water should be clean and chlorine-scented. Murky, cloudy, or smelly water is another sign that you may need to schedule a swimming pool draining service.

3. Inefficient Pool Pump

While pool pumps are supposed to do a decent job of filtering solids out of the water, they aren’t able to get everything – especially if the water is extremely dirty or the pump is old or broken. If your filter is constantly running, but the water still isn’t clean, it’s probably either time to replace the water or to get a new pump.

4. Algae, Bacteria, & Mold

Toxic aquatic microorganisms can cause skin, ear, and eye infections upon contact. Pets can even get sick from drinking microbe-infested water, so it’s crucial to get your pool drained ASAP if there are out-of-control signs of algae or bacterial growth.

Although shock chemicals can help kill fairly small amounts of these microorganisms, they aren’t always enough. Our pool technicians can help you decide whether complete pool draining is necessary.

5. Consider A Routine Replacement

Even if your swimming pool is in good condition, it’s still a good idea to replace the water if it’s been a long time. Experts recommend draining and refilling your pool every five to seven years or more frequently, depending on how dirty it is.

The Importance Of Replacing Your Pool Water

Neglecting your pool for too long or having it cleaned by an amateur can lead to expensive repairs and health problems down the line. Dirty pool water often contains bacteria, black mold, algae, and these nasty substances can be resistant even to high levels of chlorine.

It’s also an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

Why Hire A Professional?

Pool draining is not a DIY job. It can result in serious property damage if done improperly. Moreover, hiring a professional cleaning service will save you time on labor-intensive tasks like draining water and scrubbing algae off the walls.

Let us help you so that you don’t have to worry about standing outside for hours in the hot desert sun.

Dangers Of Draining Your Pool Incorrectly

  • The sun and adverse weather conditions can damage empty pools.
  • Your pool could bulge, split, or rise out of the ground.
  • The filter pump might burn out.
  • It can even back up the indoor sewer system and flood your home!

Professional Pool Cleaning Company In Nevada

Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be tedious, tiring, or complicated. Our team of experts can take care of everything from draining and replacing the water to cleaning and equipment maintenance.

At Oasis Pool Management, we offer professional pool repair and draining services to ensure your pool is in top shape and ready for summer. Contact us today to book your pool service.