Pool Winterizing & Winter Maintenance

Pool Winterizing

Protect your pool from cold weather with pool winterization from Oasis Pool Maintenance, servicing both the Las Vegas and Henderson area for your convenience. Preparing your pool for the winter months is an integral part of keeping the water pristine, and the equipment running smoothly. This is where we come in. Let us help you close your residential or commercial pool for the season or take care of everyday maintenance so you can enjoy your pool and spa during the winter months.

  • Save Time & Money During The Cooler Months
  • Avoid Costly Pipe Burst & Pool Equipment Repairs
  • We Take Care Of Pool Closings
  • Keep Your Pool & Hot Tub Open With No Effort
  • We Provide Maintenance & Winter Pool Chemical Service

Winter Pool Maintenance

To avoid costly damages from freezing, winterization may be your option. When your pool water freezes can burst pipes, which costs you both time and money to repair. Another option is to keep your pool open through the colder months.

If you decide to keep your pool open, it is best to have one of our team members come for routine maintenance and to start your winter pool chemical service. This helps you avoid any unforeseen issues that may occur with your hot tub or the pool itself.

Leave The Hassle Of Winterization To The Professionals

Pool winterization can be a challenging and timely process for those who do not know what they are doing. The process includes a complete cleaning of the pool and filter, as well as removing ladders and handrails, and drain plugs. Pool water needs to be lowered to the proper level to avoid any overflow or damage to pool equipment.

At the same time, water in various equipment and piping are removed to avoid freezing. With so many steps included in this process and easy to get wrong, let us take the hassle off your hands.

Your Cold Weather Pool Guys In Henderson

The cold weather is coming to town. Be prepared and safeguard your pool with pool winterization, pool closing, or winter pool services from Oasis Pool Maintenance. We’ll continue necessary upkeep throughout the winter months so you can swim, host guests, and party those holiday nights away. Contact us today to schedule your winter pool service. We look forward to showing you how easy it is to have a pool.