Acid Wash

Acid Washing Las Vegas

At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we specialize in pool acid wash services to remove stubborn stains from swimming pools throughout Henderson and Las Vegas. Our team has the experience you need to get rid of algae stains, dirt staining, and other cosmetic surface blemishes. There are a number of reasons your pool may need an acid wash but it should only be performed by experienced professionals or permanent damage could occur as a result. When done properly, an acid wash can restore your pool to its original beauty and leave it looking brand new.

What’s Pool Acid Washing?

Acid washing for pools is a process where the pool is drained, thoroughly scrubbed, and then a wash of muriatic acid is applied to remove stains, calcium deposits, and algae blooms. This process removes a very thin layer of plaster and restores the brightness of the pool, similar to a chemical peel for the skin. Proper pool maintenance will prevent the need for frequent acid washes.

Does Your Pool Need An Acid Wash?

There are many reasons to acid wash your pool. If you are struggling to keep your pool looking clean, no matter how much you scrub, or what chemicals you try, you might need an acid wash. Some stains are difficult to remove, and some types of algae, like black algae, can burrow deep into the plaster, making it easy for them to bloom again and again. Some reasons to try pool plaster cleaning include:

Don’t DIY Your Acid Wash

While the chemicals for doing your own acid wash are often available at pool supply stores, we highly recommend going with a professional service. We know it can be frustrating to deal with perpetually green water and unsightly pool stains, but the acid can be dangerous to handle, and getting the proper ratio of acid to water for the rinse can be challenging. Not only that, permanent damage to your pool’s surface could potentially require a costly plaster repair.

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If you need pool acid wash service in Las Vegas, NV, contact Oasis Pool Maintenance today. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on acid washes and advise you on whether this pool service is right for your unique situation. You can always count on us to be cost-effective, high-quality, and efficient. Call now and start enjoying the benefits of your swimming pool without the hassles and headaches of maintaining it.