Salt Water Pools

Salt Water Pools Las Vegas

Oasis Pool Maintenance serving Henderson and Las Vegas is ready to show you the way when it comes to saltwater pools. Just as we do for freshwater pools, we can install, service, repair, clean, and maintain saltwater pools. Our seasoned professionals will be happy to discuss your options if you want to build a saltwater pool from scratch or convert your existing freshwater pool into a salt pool. Some benefits of saltwater systems would include:

  • Safer Than Chlorine
  • Soft Water Feel
  • More Gentle On Eyes & Skin

Keeping A Salt Water Pool Clean

The easiest way to keep a saltwater pool clean is to let the experts at Oasis Pool Maintenance service it for you. Our skilled pool technicians will keep your new salt chlorine generator free of white mineral deposits that can form on the inside of the unit. Keeping it clean will ensure that it will continue to work at full capacity. As your pool is used throughout the season, the salt content may need to be adjusted by our expert pool technicians.

  • Salt Water Pool Cleaning & Service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Equipment Repair

Salt Water Pool vs. Sea Saltwater 

If you’re thinking of converting your freshwater pool into a sparkling saltwater pool, it’s important to note that a saltwater pool is not a seawater pool. Seawater pools are not very common and are difficult to keep up due to the high concentration of salt and the harshness of the water, along with other complex requirements. So, when someone says they have a “saltwater pool,” they’re most likely referring to the type of pool that has a saltwater chlorinator. Saltwater pools are becoming more common and with good reason. They are no more difficult to create and maintain than freshwater pools. In addition, pool water with a salt-chlorine generator—versus sea salt pool water—doesn’t leave a salty taste in your mouth like ocean water, and it also manufactures its own natural chlorine.

How Does A Salt System Work?

When one of our customers wants to turn their freshwater pool into a salt pool, Oasis Pool Maintenance adds the correct amount of salt that is required for their pool size, while concurrently connecting a salt-chlorine generator to their pool system. When the system is fully converted, there is no need to add store-bought chlorine to the water because the saltwater generator creates chlorine indefinitely through electrolysis. As the pool water flows into the salt system, it goes through an electrolysis process. Then, it flows back out into the pool water as hydrogen and hypochlorous acid (chlorine), which replaces the need for store-bought chlorine.

Chlorine Generator vs. Store-Bought Chlorine

One of the reasons that saltwater pools are attractive is because the chlorine that is manufactured by the salt chlorine generator does not have a strong chlorine smell like store-bought chlorine. It feels soft on the swimmers’ skin and isn’t harsh on bathing suits, pool equipment, and other pool items.

Get In Touch For An Estimate

If you’re interested in converting to or installing a new saltwater pool, contact Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas. We are eager to answer any questions you may have about setting up your new pool as a saltwater pool or converting your freshwater pool. We can also repair, replace, and service any saltwater system you already have in place. Let us take care of your pool needs so you can spend your time enjoying your pool with your family and friends.