Chlorine Baths

Chlorine Bath

If you own a pool in the Las Vegas area, the experts at Oasis Pool Maintenance specialize in chlorine baths for deep cleaning purposes. If you’ve recently purchased a home with a pool, it’s hard to know if the water is safe for swimming. It’s a good idea to have your pool treated with a chlorine bath which may include a pool drain and full cleaning depending on the severity of the water. Chlorine baths are used to get rid of germs, algae, bacteria, or other substances that could cause infection or sickness in people who touch the water.

Why Your Pool May Need a Chlorine Bath

If you see algae in your pool, it most likely needs a chlorine bath. Algae is not only unsightly, it’s also slippery. If your stairs, pool sides, or bottom have a layer of algae, it can become slick and dangerous to walk on. In addition, if left on the surface too long, it can stain—and the only way to remove those stains may be a more abrasive acid wash.

Chlorine Baths For Prevention

An acid wash should be looked at as a last resort because it’s much harsher than a chlorine bath. Acid washing removes a layer of plaster from the inside of your pool and performing too many acid washes per year can degrade the plaster. A chlorine bath is a gentler cleaning method and can be performed more often. If you make sure your pool gets a chlorine bath when needed, you’ll most likely never have to resort to an acid wash. Contact Oasis Pool Maintenance to ask about a chlorine bath if any of the following applies to your pool:

  • You just bought a home and want to make sure the water is safe for swimming
  • Algae is found on the ladder, stairs, crevices, or interior of the pool
  • A chemical imbalance has occurred due to poor maintenance
  • Your pool water is brown or some other color
  • You just want to freshen up the look of your pool

Once a chlorine bath is performed, and your pool is properly maintained, it may be several years before you need another treatment.

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Taking good care of your pool means it will always be clean and ready to be used when the hot days hit Las Vegas. Our pool experts at Oasis Pool Maintenance can get your pool into top shape and help you keep it there. We offer quality chlorine baths, as well as cleaning and maintenance of your pool. We look forward to talking with you and giving you a free no-obligation price quote on chlorine bath service. The cost of our services will vary depending on the size of your pool.