Commercial Pool Equipment Repair

Commercial Pool Equipment Repair

Don’t keep residents, guests or patrons waiting for their fun in the sun.

If your pool pump is loud, you’re noticing dirty water, or you have a dead light, Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas can help with high-quality commercial pool equipment repair.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Everyone loves a sparkling clean, efficiently operating swimming area to relax in during our ninety and a hundred degree summers. Dirty, broken pools make a bad impression on your overall customer service. If your swimming area is less than impressive these days, let us fix that.

Fast Diagnosis & Repair

We can diagnose if your commercial swimming pool needs new cleaning equipment, such as a filter or a pump. We also specialize in repairing your commercial spa, or outdoor hot tub to the highest standards.

Leave your pool equipment repair and replacement to our experienced professionals. In the long run, you save time and money and ensure a long lasting life for your commercial pool.

Common repairs we perform can include any of the following.

  • Pool Filter Replacement
  • Pool Pump Motor Repair
  • Fixing Clogged Drains & Filters
  • Leaky Filter Repair
  • Pump Housing Repairs
  • Pool Light Replacement
  • Swimming Pool Timer Repair
  • Commercial Pool Heater Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Salt System Maintenance

Dirty Pool? It Might Be The Pump.

Your pump is one of the most vital parts of keeping a clean, clear, sanitary swimming area. If you aren’t experienced in these types of repairs, it can be difficult to diagnose a commercial pool or spa pump problem.

Does your pool or spa’s water pump need full on replacing or just a small fix? Playing guessing games or trial and error with pool repair can be frustrating, time-wasting, and needlessly expensive.

At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we here to help.

Protect Swimmers With Professional Repair

A broken or leaky filter housing shouldn’t be ignored. If your business’s pool or spa is used by many people, at a hotel, retirement home, apartment or a day spa, for example, proper filtration is essential for safety.

Protect your clients from potentially harmful substances in their swimming water. We will examine your filter for any breaks or leaks. We can help you with professional repairs or replace damaged pool equipment that is beyond repair.

Commercial Hot Tub & Spa Equipment

Have a hot tub or spa? We provide commercial spa and hot tub repair services. Heat timers, water jets, lights, and salt systems are just some of our areas of expertise.

Broken water jets and cold water are unwelcome surprises to your guests. You can depend on us to expertly diagnose if your spa or hot tub needs new water jets or just clean jets.

Let us get you the best quote and service for your specific needs.

Fixing Commercial Pools In Vegas & Henderson

Take the guesswork out of pool maintenance. Call us at Oasis Pool Maintenance today for a commercial pool equipment repair quote. Our goal is to offer you the best service as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.