Energy Efficient Pool Equipment

Energy Efficient Pool Equipment

With energy efficient pool equipment, Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas can help you lower your monthly electricity bill. Our desert climate means that saving energy and water is necessary to avoid overusing our limited natural resources. The cost savings from improved energy efficiency can also add up to hundreds of dollars per year! It only makes sense to go with a more cost effective and energy saving option. Whether you’re interested in a new energy efficient pool system or need repairs to your existing equipment, our team can do the job.

Efficient Water Flow

One of the most important energy efficient pieces of equipment you can invest in is your pool pump. There are a variety of pumps for different sizes of pools and needs. A state-of-the-art variable speed pump can save up to 90% off of your current energy consumption. These pumps are more costly to purchase, but quickly make up for their cost in savings. A variable-speed pump is programmed to use the least amount of electricity possibly for whatever function it is performing. It may use more power for spa jets, for example, and then crank the power down to optimum levels for primary filtration. We have the experience to service or repair any pool pump and we can also replace your existing equipment with a more energy efficient model.

Premium Filtration

Filter efficiency has a dramatic effect on how well your pool can clean itself, and how much you can save on energy costs. In recent years, cartridge filters have come out on top as the most efficient option. They require less energy from the pool pump, and the pleated fabric allows more water to pass through, providing filtration of the pool in less time. They are also easier to clean and don’t waste as much water as backwashing a sand or diatomaceous earth filter.

Eco-friendly Solar Heating

Our Las Vegas climate offers approximately 294 sunny days each year, which makes solar pool heating the primary choice for enjoying year-round swimming. When you have an abundance of a renewable energy source and want to save electricity and money, it just makes sense. Solar pool heating can also work to cool the pool during the hot summer months! The team at Oasis Pool Maintenance specializes in solar powered pools and we can repair or replace any existing equipment you have. This option extends the usability of your pool, which is priceless.

A Smart Idea

Installing energy efficient pool equipment is just a smart idea. Not only will you be using your pool more often, but you’ll also be saving money in the long run, and your pool can be a source of enjoyment for many years to come. Some of the benefits include:

  • Lower electric bills – save hundreds of dollars per year
  • Conserve energy – we have limited resources
  • Eco-friendly – reduce your carbon footprint
  • Easy maintenance – spend less time maintaining your pool
  • Protecting desert resources – water is scarce and should be used wisely

Let’s Get Started

At Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas, we can repair or replace your energy efficient pool equipment. Our pool experts can assess your needs and provide you with a free estimate based on the size of your pool and the work needed. If you already have a pool in place and are interested in conserving energy, you should consider replacing any outdated equipment with more energy efficient options. Start saving today, give us a call!