Pool Draining Service

Pool Drains

Living in Las Vegas means almost any season is pool season. As the weather starts to really heat up, you want to be ready for tons of summer fun.

If it’s been a few years since your last pool drain or you’re experiencing issues, at Oasis Pool Maintenance we can help you start your season off right.


Why Would I Need A Pool Draining Service?

You want your swimming pool not only to look good but be safe for swimmers as well. Repair work, hard-to-reach stains and build-ups of chemicals and other waste can all call for a thorough swimming pool drain and refill. There are just some things you don’t want in your water.

Is This Something I Can Do Myself?

There are many great reasons to drain a pool and many more to leave it to the professionals. You don’t want to empty your pool unnecessarily or get slapped with a fine for improper disposal of that chemical-laden waste water.

When you leave it to us and get a professional pool drain, you know you are only getting services that are right for your pool. We can also make sure that dirty water is disposed of safely and legally and new water is replaced.

Keeping Your Pool, Spa Or Hot Tub In Tip Top Shape

Draining and refilling a pool makes it so much easier to take your pool maintenance to the next level. Deep cleans like acid washes or chlorine baths can now be performed in the new water. Lights and other components can be repaired or replaced. Plus, you get a whole pool full of clean, simple to balance, sparkling clear water.

Pool Being DrainedEvict The Greasy, Grimy & Gross

With our high heat and dry air, water evaporation is just a fact of life in the desert. Unfortunately, as you lose moisture, the concentration of unwanted dissolved solids and chemicals in your pool goes up. This makes your water much harder to balance.

So, while it may look like you’re swimming in a clean pool, you might actually be bathing in body oils, old sunscreens, leftover pool chemicals, dirt, and dust. Who’d want to treat their guests or kids to that?

Open Your Pool In Sparkling Condition

Start swimming season off right by refilling your pool with clean, clear pool water. Make sure your water chemistry is balancing correctly and keeping your family safe. Get your pool or spa in great shape and keep it there with regular pool draining services.

Your Reliable Source For Pool Drains In Las Vegas

Whether you have a residential backyard swimming area or run a commercial pool and spa, at Oasis Pool Maintenance we can help you with pool drains year round. We look forward to serving you throughout Henderson and the Las Vegas valley. Call today to schedule your pool drain consultation.