Commercial Pool Renovations

Commercial Pool Renovations

Upgrade your spa, pool, or hot tub, with commercial pool restoration services by Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas and Henderson. You can always count on professional, high-quality repairs when you rely on us.

New Swimming Pool Upgrades For Your Business

If you manage a resort, hotel, apartment complex, day spa, or public swimming pool, you know how important it is to make a good impression on guests. In the extreme temperatures of Las Vegas, a pool renovation can attract satisfied customers all year round.

We can help with many of the most common commercial pool renovation projects and upgrades.

  • New Pool Equipment – Filters, Pumps, Vacs & More
  • New Pool Ladder Installation
  • Pool Automation Controls
  • Bright Or Colorful Lights
  • Spectacular Water Features
  • Old Pipe Replacement
  • Commercial Deep Cleaning
  • Other Equipment Repairs

Neglect Causes Customer Problems

Broken and barely operating commercial pool equipment can cause harmful algae, green pools, dirt and oil buildup, and ugly surface stains. Community pools and public swimming facilities should be kept pristine at all times for reliable swimmer safety.

Saving You Time & Money

If a commercial pool filter, pump, heater, or any other crucial component stops working or starts making strange sounds, we can help. Our experienced technicians can identify and diagnose problems, perform repairs, and replace broken pool equipment in a timely fashion.

By getting it right the first time, we also save you the unnecessary costs of troubleshooting.

Automated Smart Pool Design

Monitor and manage your commercial swimming pool with advanced pool control technologies. We can help you automate many in-between service functions, like sanitation and filtration. Smart pool and spa systems also help you run with more energy efficiency.

Upgrade To LED Or Colored Pool Lights

Today, many businesses prefer LED bulbs for their long lifespan and brightness. Your commercial pool remodel can include replacing your swimming pool lights. Hosting a lot of pool parties this summer? Enhance the ambiance with bright, fun colored lights for guests to enjoy after the sun goes down.

Water Features Enrich The Atmosphere

Adding a waterfall or fountain to your community swimming pool enhances the overall ambiance of this main attraction. Installation and maintenance of commercial water features for ponds, lakes, pools, and spas requires professional knowledge and maintenance.

With regular commercial pool maintenance and cleaning services, our team of technicians will keep your water features pumping clean water, free of clogs and algae.

Reliable Commercial Pool Remodeling & Repair Services

Our commercial pool restoration services come with over 20 years of experience serving businesses and HOA’s in both Las Vegas and Henderson. Contact us at Oasis Pool Maintenance today to find out more about commercial swimming pool renovation and make your appointment.