Commercial Pool Equipment Installation

Commercial Pool Equipment Installation

Assure that your Henderson & Las Vegas are guests and residents always have a clean pool.

When the filter is malfunctioning, a light goes out, or that old pump finally dies, you can count on us at Oasis Pool Maintenance for professional commercial pool equipment installation.



Helping You Keep Your Customers Happy

It’s a huge responsibility to maintain a community swimming pool. When there’s something wrong with your pool or hot tub, it’s vital to your business that you know who to call. We repair and replace all types of pool equipment quickly and professionally.

Equipment Installation For Pools, Spas, & Hot Tubs

You’re an expert at your business as a property manager. We’re Las Vegas’s go-to pool equipment installers. We know how to provide commercial installation services that repair or upgrade your spa, hot tub, or pools components.

  • Commercial Pool Pumps
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Pool Motor Replacements
  • Pool Automation Controls
  • Chemical Feeders
  • Spa Heaters
  • Salt Systems
  • Pool Lights
  • And more!

The Benefits Of Professional Installation

When your pool pump stops working or starts making a weird sound, don’t play guessing games. Save time and money by relying on the professionals. We diagnose needed repairs quickly and provide you with installation services that are done right with equipment that’s made to last.

Beat The Heat & The Competition

With so many hotels, spas, apartments, and HOAs vying for Las Vegas visitors and tenants, you always want to put your best face forward. Pool maintenance is an important part of that. Keep your pool and spa operating beautifully and quietly with new equipment installation done by our pros.

Don’t Make A Costly Mistake

Installing commercial pool equipment is not always an easy job. Many managers wait until the damage is worse or call on inexperienced janitorial or maintenance staff. This usually ends up with costly damages that weren’t there before or more significant pool problems.

Your Las Vegas Commercial Pool Professionals

Rely on us at Oasis Pool Maintenance to help you maintain your commercial swimming pool or hot tub. With our help, you can feel confident that your guests and residents will have fun, stay longer, and come back next time.

If you need a pool component replaced in Henderson or Las Vegas, don’t wait. Contact us today.