Commercial Pool Maintenance

Commercial Pool Service

At Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas, we specialize in commercial pool maintenance. We’re here to ensure that your pool is sparkling clean, efficiently running, and a source of enjoyment for your customers and clients. Las Vegas has swimming pools at almost every resort, hotel and community center. Commercial pool service is a smart idea if you want to save time and ensure that your pool is always clean and ready to be used. We offer a variety of services, from regularly scheduled maintenance to repairs and installation.

A Closed Pool Is A Real Bummer

Trying to tackle the care and upkeep of a public or commercial swimming pool can cost unnecessary time and money. Pools need careful chemical balancing, brushing, vacuuming, and filter cleaning, not to mention routine repairs and maintenance. If your pool is not ready for swimmers, you can lose business, especially in the desert heat in Las Vegas. We can help you end the maintenance struggle with our wide variety of services and a budget-friendly price.

Professional Pool Services

Different types of pools require different care. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance will help keep it in good working order and help to avoid costly repairs. If you go with someone less experienced, it might end in damage to your pool’s surface or equipment. We have specialists equipped to handle your unique pool needs. Some of the professional pool services we provide include:

Commercial Pool Cleaning

  • Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning & Repairs
  • Pumps & Motors
  • Filters
  • Pool Lights
  • Algae Removal
  • Timers & Controls
  • Heaters
  • Salt Systems

Affordable Commercial Pool Services

We strive to maintain a golden reputation and give our clients peace of mind. Our commercial pool cleaning and repair services are completed by qualified technicians possessing years of experience and a drive to do the job right, the first time. We are all about saving you time and money. We offer competitive pricing based on the size of pool and the work needed. When you choose Oasis Pool Maintenance, you’ll always receive a free, no-obligation estimate on pool cleaning and weekly maintenance services and fair, competitively-priced quotes on any needed repairs.

Get Started Today

Las Vegas is already scorching hot! Let us help your clients stay cool by handling the maintenance of your commercial swimming pool. Your satisfaction is our goal. Contact us today to learn more and dive into a better pool service with Oasis Pool Maintenance.