Pool Light Repair & Installation

Pool Light Repair

Because some of the best temperatures and parties in Vegas happen at night, you’ll want to make sure everything is lit and ready with pool light repair and installation from Oasis Pool Maintenance.

Avoid guests swimming among dim, burnt out, or an unlit pool. Keep things safe and bright with our quality pool light services.

Common Pool & Spa Light Problems

On our pool equipment repair visits throughout Henderson and the Vegas Valley, we see all kinds of lighting problems in spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools. You can rely on us for expert repairs, replacement, or pool light installation. Here are some of the most common pool and spa light problems:

  • My swimming pool light doesn’t work or won’t turn on.
  • My spa, hot tub or swimming pool light has water in it.
  • I need to replace a pool light bulb that has burned out.
  • I need to repair a broken underwater pool light niche.
  • I think I need a new swimming pool light fixture.
  • I’m interested in new LED pool light installation.

Water & Electricity Don’t Mix

Almost anyone can replace a lightbulb inside the house. When it comes to underwater pool lighting, however, this is a home repair best left to the pros. Repairs involving both water and electricity carry the dangerous risk of electrocution to the inexperienced. Please don’t take that chance.

A broken or burnt out light bulb in your pool, spa, or hot tub can be the symptom of more significant problems. Even when a pool light does need replacing, certain bulbs require a total set replacement. Our experienced staff can save you time troubleshooting and protect you from a potentially unsafe situation.

Upgrade Your Pool Lighting

Do you know what kind of pool lights you have? Incandescent, halogen, fiber optic, and LED were all common pool light bulb technologies at one time or another. Upgrading your pool or spa lights to the latest, high quality, long-lasting LED bulbs may be something you’re considering to avoid frequent bulb changes, save on energy costs, or even add a dash of color to those fun night swims. We can help.

Your Henderson Pool Lighting Repair Professionals

Be ready to take advantage of your pool long after the sun goes down. Our hot tub, spa, and pool light repair and installation services are available in both Henderson and Las Vegas. Contact us at Oasis Pool Maintenance today to schedule an equipment repair assessment. With a menu of quality options available to keep your swimming pool clean and in tip-top shape, we’re your convenient one-stop pool guy. We look forward to serving you today.