7 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Pool Maintenance Tips

At Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas, we commonly see mistakes when it comes to home pool maintenance.

The easiest way to prevent damage to your swimming pool is to leave the cleaning and maintenance to the professionals. Let us test and clean your pool to ensure optimal hygiene and usability. The most common mistakes we see would include:

  • Shocking Your Swimming Pool During The Day
  • Not Running Pool Pump Long Enough
  • Not Brushing Pool Regularly
  • Neglecting To Test Your Pool Water Weekly
  • Ignoring Your pH & Alkalinity Levels
  • Backwashing Your Pool Filter Too Often
  • Not Cleaning After Pets In The Pool

Not Brushing Your Pool Regularly

While it is important to vacuum your pool regularly, you also need to brush it to prevent build-up that can ultimately damage your pool. You should follow up vacuuming with a good brushing at least once a week to keep it clean, algae-free, and looking its best. Don’t miss behind ladders, the waterline, steps, stairs, or corners and crevices.

Neglecting To Test Your Pool Water Weekly

Weekly water testing is among the most important chores that come with owning a pool. Testing your pool’s water regularly can help to warn you of small issues with the chemistry of the water before they turn into major problems. Like many people, you may not have time to check your water on a weekly basis. You may also not be familiar with what the test results mean about your water quality. Oasis Pool Maintenance can help with weekly pool service to ensure optimal, balanced water.

Ignoring Your pH & Alkalinity Levels

Balanced pH in your pool is key to a healthy swimming environment. Just like you learned in high school science class, a low pH indicates acidity while a high one indicates alkalinity. You don’t want too much of either one. A low pH can actually damage your pool equipment such as your pool pump, filter, heater, liner, or maintenance equipment which can become costly. Let us test your pH & alkaline levels regularly to keep your water at its best.

Backwashing Your Pool Filter Too Often

While backwashing is an important part of basic pool care, overdoing it is a very common pool maintenance mistake. The more particles your filter catches the better it can catch smaller particles. You don’t want the filter to get too full, but also shouldn’t perform backwashing too often. Our pool cleaning pros can clean your filter to ensure optimal performance.

Forget The Hassle, Contact The Pros Today

Instead of making any of these costly pool maintenance mistakes, rely on us at Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas to perform regular pool maintenance and cleaning. Your pool is an investment and the best way to ensure optimal functionality of that investment is to count on the professionals. You wouldn’t fix your own car unless you were trained to do so, the same should go for your pool. Contact us today to set up your pool service in Las Vegas or Henderson.