Cleaning Your Pool After A Storm

Cleaning Your Pool After A Storm

After a big storm in Las Vegas, pool cleanup is often necessary, especially if you don’t have an airtight cover in place. Rain and flying debris affect the chemistry and cleanliness of your pool. While owners can handle a portion of cleaning up storm debris, some tasks are better handled by a professional pool service. Here’s what needs to be done to make the pool swim-worthy again.

  • Skim Debris
  • Clean Skimmer Baskets & Pump Strainer
  • Check Electrical Equipment
  • Backwash Pool Filter
  • Check Water Level
  • Vacuum/Brush Pool Walls & Floor
  • Shock & Balance Pool Chemicals
  • Run Circulation and Filtration Systems

1. Skim Leaves & Debris

Turn off the power and filtration system. Use a skimmer with an extendable pole to pull out floating leaves or debris on the pool’s surface and any settled on the bottom. Put removed materials in a receptacle to keep them from getting blown back into the water.

2. Clean Skimmer Baskets & Pump Strainer

After a strong storm, there is likely debris in the pump strainer and the skimmer baskets. These components are cleaned well to avoid clogs when the system is restarted.

3. Check Electrical Equipment & Switch On The Power

Make sure that the electrical components are free of damage from wind and water. If issues are found, it’s best to call an electrician to make repairs. If there’s no damage, turn the power back on to the filtration and circulation systems.

4. Clean & Backwash Pool Filter

Small particles and dirt can enter the pool during strong storms. This is a great time to clean or replace the filters. Afterward, they must be back-washed before running the filtration system. You might want to call a professional pool service to handle this task and bring replacement supplies.

5. Check The Pool’s Water Level

Extra water in the pool is a common situation after heavy rain. If water levels are too high, you’ll need a siphon or sump pump to remove enough to renormalize the level.

6. Vacuum & Brush The Walls & Floor

Use a pool vacuum or automatic cleaner to remove fine dust or dirt from the walls and bottom of the pool. Remove the pool brush and remove any stubborn storm debris and residue from the walls.

7. Shock & Balance Water Chemistry

Water must be shocked by raising the chlorine level to about 10.0 ppm to remove any potentially harmful contaminants. Afterward, you’ll want to reduce chlorine to around 3.0 ppm and balance the rest of the pool chemicals. Recommended levels for proper balancing are:

  • pH: 7.4-7.6
  • Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 180-200 ppm

This process is best left to pool professionals to ensure safety for use.

8. Turn On Circulation & Filtration Systems

To finish cleaning the water, operate the filtration and circulation systems. This can take several days before the pool is safe and ready.

Questions About Pool Cleanup After A Storm?

Contact Oasis Pool Maintenance after the next major storm to get the answers and service you need near Las Vegas and Henderson.