Why Does My Pool Get Cloudy?

Cloudy Pool

Walking outside to see cloudy pool water is never ideal, but the experts at Oasis Pool Maintenance can get your pool water crystal clear again ASAP with our professional Las Vegas pool services. Both traditional pools and saltwater pools can become cloudy very quickly. We are a professional, full-service pool cleaning company that can handle residential as well as commercial swimming pools, spas, and hot tub maintenance.

Causes Of A Cloudy Swimming Pool

You go out ready for a swim only to find a cloudy, green pool. This problem is frustrating and best left to the professionals. We know how to diagnose a cloudy pool and what steps to take to fix murky water once the cause has been determined. This saves you a lot of time and wasted money trying to troubleshoot on your own.

There are many potential causes of cloudy pool water.

  • Improper Chlorine Levels
  • Imbalance Of PH & Alkalinity
  • High Calcium Hardness (CH) Levels
  • A Faulty Or Clogged Pool Filter
  • Beginning Stages Of Algae Problems
  • Landscaping Debris
  • Ammonia

Does It Really Matter If My Pool Water Is Cloudy?

You may think that a little bit of cloudiness in the water is no big deal. Cloudy swimming pool water is more than a simple cosmetic issue. It is also a health and safety issue. A small amount of cloudiness today can quickly become a much larger problem if left unchecked.

E. Coli In My Pool?

When a pool has cloudy water, it is an indication that something in the water is unbalanced and often unhealthy. Pool water that is cloudy can contain a whole host of pathogens and bacteria. These microorganisms can cause stomach upset, eye irritation, illness, and even urinary tract infections. The number one bacteria found in cloudy, dirty pool water is E.coli.

An Accident Waiting To Happen

It is just not worth the health and safety of you, your family, and your guests to chance using a pool with cloudy water. Cloudy pool water is dirty pool water. It also makes it hard to see a drowning child or pet or other pool hazards when the water is not clear.

I’m Ready To Have My Pool Cleaned

We are one of the number one rated pool service companies in Las Vegas with competitive prices and unbeatable customer service. If you have a  cloudy saltwater pool, traditional pool, spa, or hot tub in the Las Vegas or Henderson areas, Oasis Pool Maintenance is happy to assist you. Contact us today and get your pool water back in tip-top shape and ready to use at your leisure. Crystal clear, swim-ready water is waiting for you.