Common Hot Weather Pool Problems

Cleaning Dirty Pool

Learn more about hot weather pool problems in Las Vegas and how you can protect one of your home’s most refreshing investments. At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we regularly service both residential and commercial swimming pools throughout the Vegas Valley. So, we see the most common summer issues that affect pools and spas.

  • Water Evaporation & Calcium Stains
  • Imbalanced Water Chemicals
  • Cloudy Water
  • Algae Infestation
  • Equipment Damage — Pumps, Filters & Skimmers
  • Uncomfortably Hot Water

Water Evaporation Causes Mineral Buildup

If you’ve seen the recent news about dropping water levels at Lake Mead, it should come as no surprise that our high desert temperatures also mean high evaporation rates. Just as faucets and drains indoors can get white or yellow calcium buildup over time, so will the water line in your fountains, spas, and other outdoor features.

If you’re tired of unsightly mineral buildup on your waterfall or pool walls, we can blast away limescale and calcium deposits with our tile cleaning, bead blasting, and mineral soda blasting services.

Hot Weather Imbalances Pool Chemicals

No one likes spending hours in the hot sun sweating over a water chemical kit trying to get the numbers to come out just right. Imagine the frustration of getting things balanced one weekend just to do it all again the next, thanks to hot weather. Heat and evaporation make a mess of pH and chlorine or salt levels.

We recommend letting our pool company take care of the numbers, so you can just relax and enjoy a good swim.

Imbalanced Water Chemistry Causes Cloudy Water

If your pool filter is cleaned regularly, but you’re still noticing cloudy water on hot days, your chemical balance is most likely off. Both low chlorine levels and high pH levels can be the culprits in this case. Keep things clear and safe by having a professional treat this hot water pool problem quickly so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors.

Uncontrolled Algae Creates Gross Green Pools

Nobody wants to swim in a swamp. Hot weather and chemical issues encourage fast, widespread algae growth. To get rid of the green in your water, you may need both professional treatment and deep cleaning services, which range from scrubbing to chlorine baths and acid washes.

You can see how preventing these issues in the first place with regular maintenance plans is beneficial. We can get rid of all kinds of algae.

  • Green Algae
  • Yellow Algae
  • Black Algae

How To Prevent Hot Pool Equipment Damage

Hot weather not only affects the water in your pool but the systems that keep it clean and sanitary. Protecting your pump, filter, and skimmer can be as simple as letting the pump run for at least 10 hours a day in the summer.

You’ll still want to clean the filter regularly and have a professional go over your system before the busy summer months to prevent damage when you need things to work the most.

Cooling Off Uncomfortably Hot Water

If you find guests or kids hesitant to use your pool because the water is just too hot, ask our professional technicians about installing an aerator for you. This device attaches to the side of your pool and adds oxygen to the water, and moves it around, similar to ocean waves or river rapids. Bonus: it looks cool, too.

Prevent Hot Weather Issues With Regular Pool Service

Leave the chemicals, cleaning, maintenance, and testing to the pros this summer with regularly scheduled pool service by Oasis Pool Maintenance. Contact us in Las Vegas today to schedule service throughout the Vegas Valley.