How To Cool the Water In Your Swimming Pool

Cool Water In Swimming Pool

It’s hard to beat the heat in a hot, uncomfortable pool. Under the scorching summer sun, your swimming water can become less than refreshing and enjoyable. You might want to enhance your swimming experience by cooling things down a bit.

Are you ready to dive into a cooler swimming experience? We’ve got the down low on lowering those water temperatures.

Will Ice Cool Down My Pool?

When your swim feels more sweaty than sweet, tossing bags of ice into your pool might seem tempting. Unfortunately, any cooling effect you manage to get will be temporary. You may not even feel a significant temperature change. However, adding ice can offer temporary relief if you have a small above-ground unit or a portable kiddie wader.

Here are some of the issues with relying on ice to cool your pool down.

  • Expensive & Energy-Draining
  • Little To No Effect
  • Messes With Your Pool’s Chemistry

Shield Your Pool From The Hot Sun With These Additions

While instantly cooling down your summer pool water may not be feasible, thinking ahead can help you maintain cooler water temperatures with minimal effort. These solutions have the double benefit of making your patio, deck, or backyard look great.

  • Shade Structures: Install shade sails, umbrellas, or awnings to provide ample shade during the hottest parts of the day. This helps reduce the direct exposure of your water to the sun, preventing excessive heating.
  • Solar Covers Or Liquid Pool Covers: Create a barrier between the sun and the water’s surface. These covers reduce evaporation, minimize heat absorption, and help maintain lower water temperatures.
  • Landscaping: Plant trees or shrubs around your swimming area to create natural shading. The foliage provides relief from direct sunlight and can help keep the water cool.
  • Water Features: Consider adding features like fountains, waterfalls, or sprayers. These features create movement and circulation in the water, promoting evaporation and cooling.

How Can I Bring My Pool Down To A Cool Temperature?

We get it. Not everyone has the budget for a new patio cover. If you’re determined to lower your pool’s temperature all season long without an outdoor remodel, you can try a few additional strategies.

  • Water Circulation: Run your pool’s circulation system during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or evening. This helps distribute cooler water from the lower depths, providing a more refreshing swimming experience.
  • Evaporative Cooling: Take advantage of evaporation. Install misting systems around the area to create a fine mist that evaporates, cooling the surrounding air and water.
  • Nighttime Cooling: Open your skimmer and let it run overnight. The cooler nighttime temperatures can help naturally lower the pool’s temperature over time.

Don’t Lose Your Cool: Call Today To Fix Your Pool

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