Get Rid Of Black Algae

Black Pool Algae Las Vegas

If you’re having black algae issues in your Las Vegas or Henderson area pool, Oasis Pool Maintenance is here to help. We understand how hard it can be to get rid of this specific algae problem. Don’t let an aggravating infestation keep you from a good swim or cool, clean family fun.

Black Algae?

Unlike the plantlike pest behind your usual “green pool” problems, black algae is actually a bacteria. While it isn’t known to be harmful or infectious itself, it can create the perfect environment for other organisms you definitely don’t want in your pool to grow and thrive in, like e.Coli.

How Did Black Algae Get In My Pool?

Black algae are hitchhikers. They can travel to your pool on toys, bathing suits, or even a pet that has been exposed. Possible infested sources include lakes, rivers, or another pool. While there are some pretty good signs you can watch out for yourself, our experienced technicians can identify whether your algae removal problems are actually due to black algae.

  • Black Or Blue-Green Spots Or Clumps That Don’t Float
  • Dark Spots That Stick To Rough Pool Surfaces
  • Slightly Raised Spots That Are Hard To Remove

A Problem For The Pros

Because this pest is immune to the effects of chlorine and easily takes hold in cracks, crevices, and on textured surfaces, it is an aggressive and incredibly hard-to-cleanup issue. Just when you think you have it all cleaned up, there it is again. Black pool algae removal is a chore best left to the professionals.

We offer a variety of deep-cleaning services and will determine the best course of action only after having a good look at your swimming pool.

Get Rid Of Black Algae In Las Vegas Today

At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we provide black algae removal services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the Vegas Valley. We can service your pools, spas, and hot tubs and then set you up with regular cleaning and maintenance to help prevent future infestations. Call us today for a black algae inspection and cleanup quote.