Get These Top 6 Hot Tub Repairs Done Before Fall

Fall Hot Tub Repair Lv

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and unwind, especially during the fall season. But unfortunately, mechanical problems often pop up when you least expect them. Here are six of the most common hot tub problems reported in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

  • Water Loss
  • Dirty / Cloudy Water
  • Heater Not Working
  • Problems With The Jets
  • Strange Noises At The Pump
  • Panel Display Issues
  • Hot Tub Water Loss May Indicate A Leak

If you notice that your hot tub is losing water more quickly than usual, it could be due to a crack or leak in the shell or plumbing. To check for a leak, thoroughly inspect the surface of your hot tub for any fissures or gaps. It would help if you also examined the hoses and pipes for visible leaks. Whether you find an apparent leak or not, it’s best to call a spa repair company to diagnose and fix the water loss problem.

Is Dirty Water Keeping You Out of Your Spa?

If your once-clear hot tub water has become cloudy or dirty, it could be due to improper pH levels or too many chemicals in the water. An air leak in the pump’s suction side can also create tiny bubbles that lend a cloudy appearance. Spa filter problems can also cause dirty, unclear water.

What To Do When Your Spa Heater Fails

Heater issues are perhaps the most common type of hot tub problem. If yours is not working sufficiently, ensure that leaves or debris aren’t blocking the path of heat from moving into the hot tub. You should also check that your filter is clean; a dirty filter can impede water flow and prevent proper heating. Finally, if your heater still isn’t operating, there is likely an issue with the power supply or thermostat, requiring professional repair.

How Do You Deal With Faulty Hot Tub Jets?

Getting a relaxing jet massage is one of the best benefits of a backyard hot tub. If your jets aren’t performing up to par, it could be due to several reasons. First, check that nothing is blocking the jets (such as dirt or leaves). Then, check that all the valves are open and that there’s no air in the lines. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it may be time to replace the jets entirely.

Don’t Ignore A Noisy Hot Tub Motor Or Pump

If you hear strange noises from your hot tub’s motor or pump area, it could indicate a severe problem, such as a clogged impeller or seized bearings. An experienced technician should handle these issues ASAP to avoid further damage.

Is Your Spa’s Control Panel Dead?

An unresponsive control panel display means your hot tub is “dead in the water,” so to speak. If this happens, first check that all connections are secure and that there’s no corrosion on any of them. Then, if everything looks good there, try resetting both breakers (the main breaker and the GFCI breaker). Still not working? Time to call in a professional!

How Long Do Hot Tubs Typically Last?

The average lifetime of a backyard spa can be affected by several factors, such as how often you use it, how well you maintain it, and the quality of the materials used in its construction. For example, some hot tubs can last for 20 years or more with proper care. On the other hand, those not correctly cared for may only last for a few years before requiring significant repairs. That’s why scheduling regular, professional maintenance is so essential.

The Benefits Of Monthly Spa Maintenance

Keeping your hot tub running takes a lot of work. Someone has to test the water and adjust the chemicals frequently. In addition, cleaning the filters and scrubbing the surfaces can be difficult and time-consuming. Hiring these tasks from a pool company means you can enjoy endless relaxing soaks without the hassle.

Get In Touch With Las Vegas Hot Tub Repair & Cleaning Pros

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