Identify & Clean Pool Stains

Clean Pool Stains

At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we have the skills and services to identify and clean all kinds of unsightly pool stains. Don’t let dirty-looking tiles, rails, steps, and walls put a stop to your Las Vegas summer swimming fun.

Types Of Pool Stains

Removing stains is not a one sized fits all solution. Trying to restore your pool, spa, or hot tub to its sparkling clean, pristine state can be a challenging guessing game. We’ve put together a few tips to help you recognize the type of spot, blemish, or buildup you’re dealing with.

Organic Pool Stains – usually caused by algae, leaves, plants, or fruits/berries.

  • Greenish Brown
  • Blueish Green & Black
  • Reddish Blue
  • Yellows
  • Plant-Like Shape
  • Speckles & Clusters
  • Whispy Textures
  • Green-Tint To Water

Metallic Pool Stains – caused by iron or other minerals in the water, fertilizers, pesticides, algaecides, or metal objects.

  • Greenish Brown & Red
  • Brownish Black & Purple
  • Blueish Green & Black
  • Rusty Brown
  • Yellows
  • Grays
  • Blue-Tint To Water
  • Purple-Tint To Water

It Takes An Expert Eye

As you can see, there is some overlap. Identifying the problem is not always straightforward. Experience makes all the difference. The best way to remove each type of stain depends on what it is, how long it’s been there, and how much there is. Instead of wasting time and money on ineffective products or possibly damaging your pool surfaces, it’s usually best to leave stain removal to the pros.

Our Stain Removal Services

Some small organic stains can be removed by shocking your pool, spa, or hot tub and scrubbing the tile. Metallic stains can be particularly challenging to get rid of. Fortunately, we offer several different services aimed at getting rid of those bothersome stains.

Prevention Is Your Best Defense

Keep your pool or spa stain-free by cleaning it regularly, keeping the water alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer levels balanced, skimming frequently, and cleaning small stains before they can grow. But why spend your time off scrubbing, measuring, and troubleshooting. Leave the weekly cleaning and maintenance to us.

Get Your Pool Clean In Las Vegas

Keep your Las Vegas area pool in tip-top condition. Call our friendly service team at Oasis Pool Maintenance and let us take over the hard work of stain removal.