Signs Your Las Vegas Pool Needs An Acid Wash

Acid Wash Las Vegas

In the Las Vegas and Henderson area, residential and commercial pool owners can depend on Oasis Pool Management for all their pool care needs, including acid washes. Your backyard or resident entertainment area is an investment. If it has become an eyesore or is starting to look it’s age, get your pool back to pristine condition with our deep cleaning services.

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Help! My Pool Looks Stained & Dirty.

Dirty-looking or stained pool surfaces can put a damper on your summer plans. Dark spots, scaling, and stained walls or splotched floors are just not as inviting as a sparkling clean, clear pool is. If regular pool maintenance services aren’t clearing away or controlling the mess, an acid wash may be the solution that you need.

How This Deep Clean Service Works

An acid wash will strip a thin layer off of the surface of your pool, spa, or hot tub. This process will help to remove dirt stains and mineral deposits from the bottom and sides. Once completed, your pool will look bright, clean, and stain-free again.

Do You Need An Acid Wash Service

Professional water chemical maintenance and a regular cleaning service schedule may reduce your need for an acid wash. There are some signs that you can watch for that will indicate your swimming pool’s surface may benefit from an acid washing service.

  • Surface Stains That Are Resistant To Stain Removing Chemicals
  • Calcium Scaling Build-Up
  • Increase Of Development Of Algae

Is An Acid Wash Safe For My Pool?

Plaster, pebble, and quartz pool surfaces are generally safe to acid wash. If your pool’s surface is more than eight years old, has visible cracks, or has hollow areas, having an acid washing performed may compromise the integrity of your pool. Additionally, vinyl, fiberglass, acrylic, and painted surfaces are often not suitable for pool acid wash services.

One of our highly trained pool technicians will be happy to help you determine if an acid wash is right for your pool maintenance needs.

A Job Best Left To The Professionals

It’s generally not recommended that home or business owners try to acid wash their own pool or spa. There are potential dangers involving the chemicals required for an acid wash service. Additionally, the surface of your pool can be greatly damaged if the acid wash is not done correctly.

Our experienced technicians have been professionally trained and can ensure that your pool’s acid wash is performed safely and correctly.

Schedule A Las Vegas Acid Wash

Keep your pool properly maintained and looking good. It’s a great way to help your home to retain its value and make outdoor fun more inviting. At Oasis Pool Maintenance, our trained technicians are ready to tackle all of your Henderson and Las Vegas pool needs. Let’s get you spring and summer swim-ready with an acid wash and then help you maintain that sparkling beauty with our regular cleaning and maintenance services.

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