Maintaining Swimming Pool pH Levels

Swimming Pool Ph Service

Keep your swimming pool pH levels maintained with chemical balancing from Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV. Your pool and spa should be assets, not another tedious chore. Spend more time swimming and entertaining and less time worrying about water chemical levels. We’ll show you how.

Maintaining Chemical Levels In Spas, Pools & Hot Tubs

So, what’s so important about having a balanced pool pH? When your water is too acidic or alkaline, it can damage pool surfaces and equipment and dampen your swimming experience. Nobody wants to invest in a backyard environment only to watch it fall apart or harm your guests.

Keeping pH levels as close to 7.5 as possible should be your goal.

The Secret Is In The pH Levels

Lower pH numbers mean your water is acidic. This causes damage to liners and plaster and corrodes metal fixtures. Acidic water can also cause skin and eye irritation. Low alkalinity in your pool increases the strength of chlorine, but you will need more to maintain balance which can get expensive.

Symptoms Of Low Pool pH – 7.2 Or Below

  • Rough, Dull Ladders, Screws & Metal Housings
  • Swimming Suits Are Fading Or Falling Apart
  • Water Sanitation Problems
  • Itchy, Tight Skin
  • Stinging Nose & Eyes
  • Pitting & Cracks In Surfaces
  • Algae Buildup

Higher pH numbers mean your water is more basic or alkaline. High alkalinity levels can cause unsightly scale buildup, staining on metal surfaces, and cloudy water. Your chlorine will work less effectively. On top of all this, basic water can also irritate your eyes and skin.

Symptoms Of High Pool pH – 7.8 Or Above

  • Calcium Buildup On Walls, Filters & Pipes
  • Filters Keep Clogging
  • Hard, Cloudy Water
  • Itchy, Tight Skin
  • A Sticky Feeling On The Skin
  • Stinging Nose & Eyes

Your No-Worries Pool Chemical Service

Why spend your free time fiddling with your pool water pH? We are the experts in chemical balancing pools in Vegas. Regularly scheduled professional cleaning and maintenance keeps your swimming water crystal clear and helps you keep repair costs down. In the long run, you save both time and money and ultimately protect your property.

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Swimming pool pH is best left to the pros. Leave maintaining your swimming pool pH levels to Oasis Pool Maintenance. We are here to serve you throughout Las Vegas and Henderson.