Pool Acid Wash Vs. Bead Blasting

Acid Wash Bead Blast Pool

Cleaning the tiles, grout, and plaster of your pool extends its life and gives it a fresh look so it’s always ready for action. But should you choose bead blasting or acid wash service? At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we want to help you understand more about how we remove mineral deposits and stubborn stains without damaging plaster or tile. This way you can decide whether bead blasting or acid washes are right for your swimming pools.

Bead Blasting For Sparkling Tiles

Bead Blasting uses tiny beads and a low-pressure airstream to clean dull, dirty-looking pool tiles. This pool service removes even the toughest, thickest calcium deposits of grime, dirt, and algae. You can save yourself from hours of scrubbing and exposure to harsh chemicals with our professional bead blasting services.

  • Chemically Inert
  • Gentle On Your Tiles
  • Fast, Effective Calcium Removal
  • Doesn’t Effects Pool Chemicals Or PH

Acid Wash For Troublesome Algae & Stubborn Stains

Pool acid washes are great for any stains and green and black algae spots. In little to no time, your pool, spa, or hot tub can look like it did when you bought or built it. This service is best left to the professionals to protect your plaster from being damaged.

  • Stops Persistent Algae Growth
  • Removes Calcium Deposits
  • Clears Up Dingy Water
  • Washes Off Those Stubborn Stains
  • Restoring Plaster Brightness

Deep Cleaning Services For Your Las Vegas Swimming Pool

Schedule an appointment with the pool cleaning experts at Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas today. We will inspect your pool, spa, or hot tub and help you choose between deep cleaning services like acid washes and bead blasting. We can also set you up with regular cleaning services to keep your pool looking great year-round.