Pool Clog & Blockage Repair

Pool Clog &Amp; Blockage Repair

Count on the Oasis Pool Maintenance team in Las Vegas for professional pool clog and blockage repair services. Pool owners in Nevada have many choices for pool cleaning service. If your pool line clogs, you don’t want to have to hire a separate pool equipment repair technician. We take care of all of your swimming pool services needs including clogged equipment and blocked lines.

Cleaning A Clogged Pool Is A Chore

At Oasis Pool Maintenance we can check, clean, repair or replace any of the parts that happen to malfunction in your pool. If you’ve never backwashed a pool and don’t know what a pool motor sounds like when it’s blocked or broken, then its time to consider hiring a professional pool technician. In order to avoid wasted hours, money, and even costlier repairs from DIY attempts let us help. You may have a blocked pool pump if your pool has any of these symptoms:

  • Noisy Or Silent Pool Motor
  • Low Flow Rate Or No Pressure
  • Stagnant Or Cloudy Water
  • Bright Green, Yellow, Or Red Algae

Causes Of Pool Drain Clogs

Lawn contaminates are typically known for clogging pools. These commonly include grass clippings, sticks, small pebbles, pet hair, and leaves. If your pool pump impeller is clogged or broken, the collected dirt has nowhere to go. When debris and foreign objects can’t reach your pool’s filtration system, your pump’s motor and auto cleaning functions will eventually stop working at optimal performance.

Prevent Further Damages

Letting a blocked pool sit and fester can cause even more damage. Swimming water is a hazard if dangerous algae should form. Avoid the dirty work of draining and scrubbing the stains caused by a clogged pool. Our combined preventative services can include repairs, a full cleaning, and acid scrub to get rid of both debris and colored algae stains.

Your Professional Las Vegas Pool Clog Service

Whether your pool’s intake hole is blocked or your automatic bypass valve is broken, our pool blockage repair technicians can assess and clean out pool clog, repairing or replacing any equipment or parts needed. Our regular pool services will help keep your pool’s motor running smoothly and prevent further damages. Contact us at Oasis Pool Maintenance today to help get your Henderson or Las Vegas area pool out of a jam and back to running clear and pure all year long.