4 Pool Equipment Upgrades For The Off-Season

Pool Equipment Upgrades For The Off-Season

With the warmer weather here in Las Vegas, there’s hardly an off-season when enjoying a backyard pool or spa. However, those who close down their water respite in the winter might consider installing some new pool equipment to make them more comfortable year-round.

Some smart and modern features can extend your system’s lifespan and help you maximize value.

  • Automated Features
  • Highly Effective UV & Ozone Sanitizers
  • Pool Variable Speed Pumps
  • Efficient Cartridge Filters

We’ll explore these upgrades more in-depth here.

1. Computerized Automation Control Systems Give You More Control

Modern automated controls for pools and spas range from essential to complex systems that can control multiple heaters, pumps, and other operations.

Owners can have complete control over many functions using a remote or a computerized device like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or a smartwatch.

  • Heater Temperature
  • Variable Speed Pump Settings
  • Scheduling of Operations
  • Air & Water Temperature Readings

2. Variable Speed & Flow Pumps Provide Better Filtration

Variable speed and flow pool pumps have several proven benefits, such as noticeable energy savings for owners. Unlike single-speed pumps, variable-speed pumps allow users to adjust the speed of water flow through the system.

Not only do they curb energy use, but they provide better water filtration and operate more quietly. An adequately programmed and sized variable speed flow pump can quickly pay itself off with energy savings.

3. Upgraded Cartridge Filters Are Easier To Clean

While many modern cartridge filters may not filter certain fine particulates that diatomaceous earth (DE) filters do, they are much easier to clean and repair.

Cartridge filters can’t be backwashed when they get dirty and must be fully disassembled to tidy them up. Even with this in mind, cartridge filters are easier to take apart and put back together than DE filters.

4. UV And Ozone Systems For Pools & Spas Support Sanitizers

Ozone and UV systems are designed to support the spa or pool’s primary sanitizers. Upgrading to one of these systems allows owners to enjoy more straightforward maintenance duties.

Furthermore, they cleanse the water better, so there is less need to use harsh chemicals that can burn the eyes or dry out the skin. While they ease maintenance, there will be a need to periodically replace system features, such as light bulbs, to aid them in proper operation.

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