Pool Heater Repair & Replacement

Pool Heater Repair

For pool heater repair or replacement in Las Vegas, contact the licensed and insured pros right here at Oasis Pool Maintenance.

With almost 300 days of sun annually, year-round swimming is a perk of living in Las Vegas – so don’t let a broken water heater prevent you from enjoying your pool any time you want. As one of the more expensive and complicated components of your pool system, the heater should always be repaired by an experienced professional. It could even be dangerous to try DIY repairs. Let us determine the best solution for your pool heater – repair or replacement?

Repair Or Replace? We Can Do Both.

Pool and spa heater repairs should be completed by a licensed technician with experience diagnosing and working with pool equipment. Replacement of parts might be the solution, or you may need to replace the entire heater if the system is old or the damage is severe. Our technicians will run a full check of your pool heater system and other components to give you a fair and accurate estimate of repairs. Some of the common parts that may need to be repaired or replaced could include:

  • Timer
  • Headers
  • Temperature Sensor / Thermostat
  • Flame Sensor (Gas Heaters)
  • Valves
  • Capacitor

Prevent Repairs With Routine Maintenance

Many of the issues with a malfunctioning heat pump are easily preventable with routine pool maintenance. Low water flow, for instance, is often due to dirty filters or debris in the skimmer basket. Also, keep your pool water level topped off to make sure all systems have adequate water flow. Regular maintenance and checks are essential, even when it’s not peak swimming season. Like many Las Vegas locals, if keeping up with routine maintenance and regular cleaning is too much for your busy schedule, you should also look into our budget-friendly professional pool maintenance services.

Las Vegas Pool Heater Repair Quote

If you’re in need of pool heater repair, Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas has you covered. Our knowledge and experience will have your water heater up and running in no time so that you can start enjoying your pool again. Don’t let cold water spoil your fun, contact us today to schedule an appointment and we’ll get to the bottom of the issue.