Pool Plumbing & Leak Repair

Pool Plumbing Leak Repair

If you’re experiencing a pool plumbing leak in the greater Las Vegas area, contact the experts at Oasis Pool Maintenance. When your pool’s plumbing system begins to leak or stops working altogether, the problem may go unnoticed for a long time slowly draining the water level and causing the pool pump to work harder. Pool plumbing systems require specific tools and training to assess correctly, repair and prevent the same issue from occurring again. Luckily, Oasis Pool Maintenance has been maintaining the residential and commercial pools of Las Vegas for over 20 years and can fix any pool leaks large or small and keep them from coming back to haunt you.

Do You Suspect Your Pool Is Leaking?

If you have an automatic fill device when your pool springs a leak, you may not detect the water draining and re-filling for weeks or even months. This inevitably causes the pool’s plumbing and filtration systems to work harder in order to replace the lost water, increasing your water bill until the leak is located and properly mended. Signs you may have swimming pool plumbing leak include:

  • Receding Water Level
  • Higher Water Bills
  • Excess Algae
  • Increase In Chemicals Required
  • Structural Damage & Cracks

Your Las Vegas Pool Repair Experts

If you don’t know what you’re looking for it can be difficult to assess and remedy a pool plumbing leak. It is important to seek the help of a professional pool repair company to remediate a leak before it gets worse. A leak may be underground and could require assistance to pinpoint the origin of outflow. The longer a pool leak continues, the more likely the hole or plumbing obstruction can widen and increase the cost of final repairs. If you suspect your water bill has spiked or if you know your pool has sprung a leak, has a hole, or was cracked, you should contact a licensed repair company as soon as possible.

Contact Us Today

For pool plumbing leaks in Las Vegas, call the professional pool repair specialists at Oasis Pool Maintenance before your pool becomes an empty wishing well. If you have been wondering why your water bill has gone up or if you’ve been buying more pool chemicals than usual, it’s probably a leak; don’t hesitate to call us today and save your pool.