Get Your Pool Ready For Spring Break

Friends At A Pool Party

The spring break holiday brings home kids who’ve gone off to college and offers opportunities to gather with friends and family for a few days. Be ready to relax and enjoy this time by handling annual pool maintenance to prevent disappointment when you’re ready to dive in.

  1. Clean Pool Cover
  2. Inspect the Skimmer, Plugs, Pump, And Connections
  3. Restart Filtration System
  4. Clean And Refill the Water
  5. Replace the Filter
  6. Balance Chemicals

1. Clean & Remove The Pool Cover

Pool and spa covers tend to accumulate debris like leaves and limescale from sitting water after inclement weather. Soft top covers should be gently removed, pressure washed, and dried thoroughly before storing them away for the spring and summer.

Hard tops may often be walked on, allowing owners to do a quick cleaning before retracting or removing them. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning pool covers to prevent damage or premature wear and tear.

2. Inspect Skimmer Basket, Plugs, Pump & Connections

The filtration and water movement systems that sit over the winter might crack while sitting unused. Do a quick check of the baskets, skimmer, pump, and water connections that could cause functional problems. Replace any damaged parts before using them to avoid facing a big, wet mess when cranking up the pool or spa this spring break.

3. Restart Filtration System

The filtration system has numerous parts that help prevent it from freezing during winter. Look for any damage, clean out, and reattach any plugs or hoses before filling the pool with water, priming it, and turning the pump on.

4. Clean Existing Water & Fill Up The Pool & Spa

Before refilling the pool, skim off any errant leaves or debris. When bringing the water levels back up, if you notice any algae or mold clinging to the walls, consider doing a complete pool tile cleaning. This may require fully draining it and is often a task best left to those in the professional pool service industry.

5. Replace The Filter If Necessary

There are several different filtration systems available today, and each has its own set of instructions for cleaning and maintenance. There are three popular options: cloth filters, diatomaceous earth filters, and sand filters. Rinsing and replacing them as needed is the main requirement, so they should be inspected at least once annually before using the pool.

6. Balance Water Chemicals

Chemicals are the key to keeping the water clean, sanitized, and safe for users. However, they must be tested and balanced properly for maximum effectiveness and the swimmer’s comfort. Here are seven essential measurements and steps.

  • Adjusting Alkalinity
  • Adjusting pH
  • Measuring Calcium Hardness
  • Sanitize Water
  • Adjust Cyanuric Acid
  • Measuring Dissolved Solids
  • Shocking The Pool

Leave Pool Service To The Pros

Before firing up the pool or spa for Spring Break or summer fun, contact Oasis Pool Maintenance, LLC in Las Vegas. We’ll inspect, clean, and get your backyard oasis ready for fun in the sun. Schedule your appointment today!