Are Pool Repairs Covered By Insurance?

Does Insuracne Cover Pool Repairs

Whether you’re getting ready to buy a new house with a pool, installing a new swimming oasis in your backyard, or just switching up your homeowners insurance, odds are you have a few questions when it comes to what is covered and what is not. Your best bet will always be to check in with your insurance provider for exact coverages. At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we’ve put together some good starter information, so you know what questions to ask.

  • Homeowners insurance does cover pool damage, but only certain types and in certain situations.
  • Your swimming setup may be covered as a part of your home, as an exterior structure, or as personal property.
  • You are usually covered in case someone gets hurt on your property including swimming areas.

Pool Damages Covered By Insurance

If you have an indoor swimming situation, you may have “Dwelling coverage”- where your pool is considered a part of your home. If, on the other hand, your pool and spa are in-ground and outdoors, they may be covered as “Other Structures” the same way an unattached shed on your property might be covered. Above-ground pools are usually considered personal property.

Values for these types of coverages are all different — from the full cost to repair or replace to 50-70% to 10%, depending on your specific plan and whether your insurer allows these types of structure on your plan in the first place.

Most of the time, these repair coverages are only good for damages due to “Perils.”

  • Fire, Lightning, Wind & Hail
  • Falling Objects
  • Riots Or Vandalism
  • Explosions Or Electrical Issues
  • Frozen Plumbing

Pool Damages Not Covered By Insurance

As you can see, these are more catastrophic types of accidents out-of-the-blue events, not your everyday pool issues. You can’t expect to be covered for a faulty pump or heater, missing tiles, or a frozen water feature — unless of course, these damages are the result of a freak lightning strike, for example.

Also, note, that frozen plumbing does not mean frozen water. This is rarely a problem for us desert dwellers, but leaving water levels high in winter and then experiencing damage from a freeze isn’t usually covered.

  • Flooding & Earthquakes
  • Dirty Water Or Mold Damage
  • Collapse Or Cracked Pavement
  • Regular Wear & Tear Example: Most Pool Leaks
  • Neglect

Keeping Repairs To A Minimum

The best way to keep costs down, keep your swimming pool in tip-top shape and looking great, is regular maintenance. When you have a professional checking chemical levels, water levels, and making sure everything stays clean, you have eyes on your main systems.

If algae doesn’t get a chance to spread, debris can’t build up in your pipes and filters, and calcium deposits can’t sit, they also can’t cause damage. We will notice if your filtration system, pumps, plumbing, heaters, or lights are having issues early, and you can get them fixed affordably.

Protect Your Investment. Schedule Maintenance.

Homeowners insurance is valuable, but shouldn’t be your backup plan when it comes to swimming pool repairs in Las Vegas and Henderson. Don’t let the little fixes add up to expensive equipment replacements. Contact us at Oasis Pool Maintenance for a cleaning and to get started on a regular maintenance plan. We look forward to helping you protect one of the finest investments you can have in the Vegas Valley.