Do I Need A Pool Robot With My Pool Service?

Pool Robot Las Vegas

Even though robotic pool vacuums and other cleaning devices are good to use in between professional pool service visits, they can’t replace regular, professional cleaning and maintenance from a company like Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas. A pool robot won’t keep your pool, spa, or hot tub sparkling clean and trouble-free on its own.

That’s where our human touch comes in.

Types Of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Currently, there are three popular types of pool cleaning devices that you can buy to use at home. Each has advantages and disadvantages which you should keep in mind when considering a purchase.

Pressure-Side Cleaners

Pressure-side cleaners may have a separate pump, or they may attach to your pool pump’s outlet jet. Pressure propels the cleaning unit around your pool and enables it to gather debris into a built-in collection bag.


  • Able To Pick Up Large Debris
  • Fast & Powerful
  • Less Wear & Tear On Your Pump & Filter
  • Suitable For Medium To Large-Sized Pools
  • Hose Is Easier To Manage Than Suction-Side Cleaners
  • Does Not Use The Skimmer To collect Debris


  • May Require An Extra Pump To Operate
  • Must Empty Bags Regularly
  • Increases Cost Of Running Your Pool

Suction-Side Cleaners

Suction-side cleaners have a wheeled device that vacuums your pool. These attach to your filtration system’s intake via a line, which uses suction to propel the vacuum.


  • Cheapest Option
  • Simple To Use & Maintain
  • Few Moving Parts
  • Able To Scrub Walls & Waterline


  • Added Wear & Tear On Your Filtration System & Jump
  • Requires Your Filter To Be Clean Or It Won’t Work
  • Increased Filter Maintenance & Backwashing
  • Can’t Pick Up Large Debris Such As Leaves
  • Suction Hoses Can Tangle

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners have built-in pumps and filtration systems. They are attached to your household electric grid and must be programmed.


  • Does Not Create Wear & Tear On Your Pool Pump System
  • “Intelligent” Operation With Programmed Cycles
  • A Built-In Transformer Uses Your Home’s Electric Grid
  • May Have Advanced Features Such As Remote Control & Self-Docking Capability


  • Most Expensive Type Of Automatic Pool Cleaning System
  • It Has A Filter That Must Be Removed & Cleaned By Hand
  • Can Increase Your Electric Bill, Although Not As Much As Other Types Of Cleaners
  • Must Be Manually Dropped In & Lifted Out
  • May Not Be Cost-Effective For Small Pools & Spas

Robots Vs. Pool Techs – Which is Better?

As you can see, automatic cleaning equipment can be used to remove debris, clean the walls of your pool, and disperse chemicals each day, saving you labor in between pool service visits. However, keeping your pool thoroughly clean and consistently problem-free still requires a live pool service professional.

Extra Care & A Complete Clean

Pool robots and vacuums won’t clean and backwash your filter or spot problems with your pump. They can dispense chemicals, but skilled hands and eyes need to regularly test and balance your pH to ensure a safe and happy swimming experience for your friends and family. Investing in expert service can save you money in the long run.

Plus, when you have a pool guy you trust, you know just who to call when you need pool equipment repairs, including those handy robots.

Worry-Free Pool Service In Vegas

Don’t sweat it out yourself; save your energy for your next pool party. Call the Las Vegas and Henderson pool cleaning experts at Oasis Pool Maintenance. We will keep your pool in perfect shape with or without the addition of a pool robot.

We can also repair any faulty pool equipment, such as pumps, filtration systems, and yes, even pool robotic devices. Give us a call today to set up pool services you can rely on.