3 Reasons To Upgrade To A Variable Speed Pool Pump

3 Reasons To Upgrade To A Variable Speed Pool Pump

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your backyard oasis this summer, look no further than the power behind the circulation and filtering of your pool water. Could something as simple as switching out your swimming pool’s pump make that much of a difference? Thanks to the Las Vegas heat and sunshine, you probably want clean, clear water that’s ready for a dip year-round. Upgrading to a variable speed pool pump can help you get what you want and so much more.

  1. Save Money On Electricity
  2. Save Time & Effort With Programmable Pumps
  3. Variable Speed Means Quieter Operation

What’s A Variable Speed Pool Pump?

Variable speed pool pumps use a different type of motor than a single or dual-speed model. The speed of these permanent magnetic motors can be adjusted, making them more energy-efficient, quiet, and versatile. These newer, more popular devices are also more reliable and easy to operate than older models. So, you save on maintenance and repair.

  1. Save More Money On Your Electricity

No one looks forward to paying NV Energy, especially in the summertime. Upgrading to an energy-efficient variable speed pump can make a difference. You use less energy each month because your equipment isn’t constantly running on high. You can adjust the power to the job at hand.

  1. The Convenience Of Programmable Pumps

While you’re thinking about upgrading your pool equipment, make sure to check out programmable variable speed pumps. Like your sprinklers or outdoor lighting, with pool automation, you can set the speeds you want – at the times you want them to run – and know your outdoor oasis will be ready when you are.

  1. Create A Quieter Backyard Oasis

No matter how well a device works, you’re not going to want to use it if it’s noisy. Stop getting woken up by your water filtration cycles or having to shout over party guests when your pump system turns on. You can get rid of the extra noise with a pump replacement to today’s whisper-quiet variable speed models.

Get Help Installing Pool Equipment In Las Vegas

Don’t let the upfront costs or wide range of options keep you from upgrading to a variable speed pool pump. As your Las Vegas pool service company, Oasis Pool Maintenance can help you choose and install your new equipment and provide you with monthly services to protect your investment. Contact us today to get a quote or ask about pump replacement and repair.