When Does A Pool Need Shock?

Pool Shock Las Vegas

Don’t guess when it comes to pool shock, let Oasis Pool Maintenance serve you in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas with all of your pool service needs. Our licensed technicians can provide you with reliable weekly pool maintenance, equipment repairs, and in-between attention, like pool shock services.

7 Signs Your Pool Needs Shock

Knowing when to shock your pool can be tricky. Troubleshooting takes time and can be expensive or even dangerous. Having a knowledgable pool company on your side is the key to consistently clear water throughout the swimming season, which in Nevada can be year-round.

Here are a few signs to look for when deciding whether to call in the pros.

  • Opening & Closing Of Swimming Season. Shocking your pool at the opening of pool season will kill any algae that grew over the spring. Shocking at the end of the swimming season can make summer opening easier.
  • After Parties Or Heavy Use. People bring dirt, oils, and bacteria into your pool. This can result in dirty, cloudy water.
  • After Long Periods Of High Temperatures & Sunshine. High temps encourage bacteria to grow.
    After A Heavy Rainfall. Heavy rains can flush contaminants into your water and increase pH levels in the pool.
  • Strong Chlorine Smell Or Irritated Eyes. A build-up of chloramines (combined chlorine) in the water will cause a strong chlorine smell and red, irritated eyes.
  • Water Discoloration. Pool water should be clear, giving you the ability to see through to the bottom of the pool. If the water is discolored, cloudy, or green, this may be an indication that your pool needs to be shocked.
  • Noticeable Algae Blooms. The noticeable appearance of algae, or accumulation of algae along the sides or bottom of the pool, may be cause for shocking your pool.

Benefits Of Professional Shock Service

When the right type of shock for your pool is timed correctly and properly applied, you can benefit in many ways. Getting it right is what we do so that you can reap all the possible rewards – clean, clear water ready for fun in the sun.

  • Destroys Bacteria, Chloramines & Other Harmful Compounds
  • Destroys Algae
  • Rid Pools Of Bad Odors
  • Stops Eye & Skin Irritation
  • Sanitizes Your Water
  • Restores Clarity & Balance To Your Water
  • Extends The Life Of Your Filters

Let’s Get You Ready For A Swim

At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we can help you enjoy the swimming season by assisting you with professional pool maintenance for both homes and businesses. By offering a large selection of services, like pool shocks, we are able to keep your pool clean, catch possible equipment issues early, and protect one of your most enjoyable investments.

Our convenient services include weekly pool services, chemical services, algae removal services, pool draining, tile cleaning, acid wash, chlorine baths, filter cleaning, bead blasting, summer pool opening, and pool winterizing.

No one wants to spend a day off fiddling with chemicals. Avoid or reduce your need to shock a swimming pool with our weekly pool services.

Your Reliable Las Vegas Pool Company

At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we specialize in both residential and commercial pool cleaning and repair. Call us today to make an appointment for a pool shock or other cleaning, maintenance, or repair service. We look forward to getting and keeping your pool swim-ready.