Which DIY Pool Tile Cleaning Hacks Actually Work?

Diy Pool Cleaning

Swimming pool maintenance takes a lot of work. It’s perfectly normal to want to find easier ways to do the job. When you scour the internet for DIY pool cleaning hacks, you’ll find a mix of good and bad ideas. It can be tempting to want to save a little money on these quick fixes, but not if they do more harm than good, are dangerous to handle, or end up costing you in tile replacement or the time it takes to professionally drain, clean, and refill your pool.

Here are a few popular options you’re sure to run into, and ideas about whether or not they’re really worth your time.

  • Vinegar For Calcium Deposits & Mineral Scaling
  • Baking Soda For Pool Tiles
  • Pressure Washing For Your Pool
  • Muriatic Acid For Stains

Can Vinegar Remove White Stains?

Vinegar can be used as a cleaning chemical without draining your water. It’s great for removing new calcium deposits and small amounts of scaling. Simply dilute a little vinegar with water and use a sponge to clean up the calcium deposit.

Keep in mind that vinegar is acidic, and it can lower your water’s pH if you use too much. This is just for spot cleaning areas like waterline pool tiles, not major stain removing jobs.

Can Baking Soda Clean Pool Tiles?

Baking soda can work for pool tile cleaning. Using it is similar to vinegar. Mix some baking soda with water and use a sponge or soft brush to scrub the tiles. You will notice a near-immediate improvement.

Baking soda can raise the pH in your water, so this is also just for spot cleaning. You’ll also want to be careful not to scratch your tile.

Does DIY Pressure Washing Work?

Unfortunately, DIY pressure washers can damage many pool materials. Only plaster and aggregate finishes are usually safe. That means you should never pressure wash vinyl or fiberglass areas.

When it comes to tile finishes, it’s a risk. Some tiles are rated to handle the pressure, and others aren’t. You’ll want to double-check the durability of your tiles before you commit to power washing.

Assuming your pool is right for pressure washing, it does require you to drain the water carefully, so it is certainly shouldn’t be a part of your routine maintenance.

Handle Muriatic Acid With Care

Another common tip is to add muriatic acid to the water for a homemade concrete or plaster pool acid wash to remove stains. You should proceed with caution. Muriatic acid can be dangerous to handle, It is easy to misuse the acid and damage your swimming pool.

Skip The DIY, Schedule Las Vegas Pool Cleaning

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