Why Did The Cost Of Chlorine Go Up?

Chlorine Price Increase Lv

If you’ve visited a pool and spa store lately, you may have noticed that the price of chlorine has gone up. Maintaining your own pool and hot tub is not only additional work but may not be as cost-effective as it used to be. What’s the story behind this price hike, and how can you offset these increased costs?

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  • Demand Up Due To Quarantine
  • Hurricane Laura Caused
  • Chemical Company Rationing
  • Heavy Tariffs Against China

More Time At Home Means More Time In The Pool

The price of chlorine has recently increased due to several factors. Over the summer many states were on lockdown, and home pools were often the main source of many families’ entertainment. This upped the demand for pool chemicals.

Hurricane Laura Strikes

While people were home enjoying their pool more often, Hurricane Laura hit land. A major pool chemical company in Louisiana caught fire and burned for three days, causing a chlorine shortage. With demand for pool chemicals up and production down, many companies began rationing to prevent people from hoarding.

Why Not Leave The Work & Worry To Us?

Despite the chlorine price increase, you can still have a sparkling swimming pool all year round. Regular maintenance from Oasis Pool Maintenance can ensure your pool is properly maintained. We’ll help you keep it safe and clean and catch small problems to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Hire A Pool Company In Las Vegas

Pools and hot tubs need to be cleaned and maintained regularly all year round. Don’t let the price of chlorine put a damper on your outdoor fun. If chemical price hikes have you thinking about converting to a saltwater pool, we can help you with that too. We also service and repair saltwater pools. Call us at Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV, to schedule service today.