Why Is My Pool Turning Purple?

Purple Pool Water

It’s summer, the sun is out, and the heat is rising. You want to cool off, so you walk out to your pool, only to discover it’s turned purple. What caused this? Is it still safe to swim? How can you get things crystal clear again?

The good news is, Oasis Pool Maintenance has the information you need and the services to get you back to blue in Las Vegas, so you can enjoy swimming all summer long.

  • Home Treatment May Not Be Your Best Option
  • Draining May Not Be Enough To Balance Things Either
  • Your Water Surface Tile Line, Skimmers & Other Equipment Can All Get Stained
  • This Problem Won’t Go Away On Its Own
  • After Proper Treatment, You May Still Need A Deep Clean To Remove Stains

What Causes A Purple Pool?

Believe it or not – unlike green, pink, or brown water – that purple color is not an algae problem. Instead, the primary cause of a purple pool is too much copper cyanurate or manganese in the water. This hazy color can be caused by a combination of lesser-grade copper algaecides and cool weather.

This problem can be persistent and difficult to treat with home remedies. So, why waste valuable swim time?

How Can A Pool Company Help?

Many common chemical “fixes” can actually worsen the situation. Your water source might be too saturated with minerals as it is. Our specialists will analyze your pool chemistry to verify what’s causing that purple hue.

Based on our findings, we will then work to lower cyanic acid levels and re-balance your chemicals.

Professional Pool Service Protects Your Property

We use years of experience and specialized chemical treatments to eliminate the root source of the problem without damaging tiles, decks, plumbing, or expensive heating and filtering equipment. So, you don’t have to spend a hot Saturday troubleshooting or buying products you’ll have to store safely and might not need in the first place.

Getting Rid Of Purple Stains On Concrete & Tile

As far as stain removal goes, it is possible to remove the purple with traditional stain removal procedures, but it usually takes a lot of time and elbow grease. Even special stain removal chemicals can take time and persistence to work.

In some cases, that purple haze will be especially stubborn, and your technician may suggest draining in combination with more powerful cleaning techniques, like an acid wash.

Keeping Water Clean & Clear – Effortlessly

After your water has returned to sparkling, it’s essential to maintain that perfect chemical balance and regular cleanings. Spotting potential problems early and acting fast to prevent them can pay off. We suggest professional weekly maintenance to keep your pool swim ready.

Get Rid Of Purple Pool Water In LV

At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we take care of both chlorine and saltwater pools throughout Las Vegas. We offer affordable rates, deep cleaning techniques, and an unmatched experience. Contact us today to schedule your purple pool service.