Avoid These 4 Winter Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Winter Pool Maintenance Mistakes

A backyard pool is terrific for cooling off in the heat of a Las Vegas summer. You may choose to keep your pool open for swimming year-round, or shut things down for a few months in the winter, when the weather is cooler.

Whatever you choose, you’ll want to make sure to avoid these 4 costly and potentially dangerous maintenance mistakes.

  1. Skipping out on chlorinating the water.
  2. Neglecting to balance the pH.
  3. Not using proper safety measures.
  4. Brushing off checking the water level.

1. You Still Need To Chlorinate In Winter

It’s important that you test the water in your pool throughout the winter and continue to keep the chlorine at a proper level. This will help to fight bacteria and keep your pool in great shape.

Do note that you will not need to add chlorine as often, probably just three times a week or so. Keep the chlorine level between 10 and 13 parts per million to prevent algae buildup.

2. Don’t Neglect To Balance Your PH

Just as you need to keep an eye on the chlorine, you also need to watch the pH. This level should be kept between 7.0 and 7.4 even in the winter. The amount that you will need to adjust the pH will depend on the weather and how much your pool gets used.

Keeping the proper pH balance keeps the swimming water healthy and prevents corrosion.

3. Pool Safety Is Important All Year

Even when your pool is not in use, it can still be a drowning hazard. Consider an alarm to help protect your family.

In addition to protecting your family, it’s important to protect your pool. Investing in a good quality cover will help to keep debris out and keep the water temperatures from getting below freezing on those rare cold Nevada days.

4. Not Checking Your Winter Water Levels

Keeping a proper water level is essential to help your pool maintain its proper shape. If the water gets too low, there is a danger of surface cracks or other damage.

Watch the level of the water and add more if necessary. While checking the water level, also be sure to clear out any debris.

No Time For Winter Maintenance? Start Pool Service Today.

Having a pool is a big investment and takes lots of work to keep up. If you make a misstep, you could cause damage to your property. Instead of worrying about pool cleaning and maintenance this winter, why not hire Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas? Reduce your stress and request a quote today.