How Long Does Pool Equipment Last?

How Long Does Pool Equipment Last?

Making the most of your time outdoors in Las Vegas means getting the most out of your pool. At Oasis Pool maintenance, we know exactly how they feel. We regularly take care of not only cleaning, but equipment maintenance and repairs and leave the relaxation to you.

Taking proper care of your swimming area includes knowing how long your water cleaning and heating equipment should last.

  • Pool Filters – 2-14 Years
  • Pool Pumps 8-15 Years
  • Pool Heaters 6-12 Years
  • Cleaning Robots 4-7 Years

Make Your Pool Filters Last Longer

A cartridge filter, usually found on smaller above-ground pools or hot tubs, pumps water through a cloth or cardboard cartridge and usually lasts between 2 and 4 years. Filters that pump water through silica sand can last up to 7 years, and those using glass can continue working for up to 14 years.

You’ll want to keep any filter in shape by rinsing or backwashing it weekly. You can do this yourself or schedule regular cleaning with our company.

When Should You Replace A Pool Pump?

Your pool pump has multiple important jobs: circulating water to keep it from getting stagnant, making sure it passes through the filter, and dispersing the purifying chemicals. Various water pumps exist on the market, but they generally last between 8 and 15 years.

During a regular inspection by professionals, our trained eyes can catch any developing issues early, so they don’t evolve into more serious and expensive problems.

Is Your Pool Heater Acting Up?

To keep problems at bay and keep it running as long as possible, clean your pool heater’s parts occasionally and lubricate joints that need it. As it depends on electricity to run, your water heater might degrade faster if exposed to frequent power outages, surges, and electrical issues. Most pool heaters can be expected to last 6-12 years.

Taking Care Of Automatic Cleaners

To save yourself time and keep your pool swim-ready at all times, you’ve probably invested in an automatic cleaning device. Whether you choose a cleaning robot or a suction or pressure cleaner, take care of your device by cleaning its brushes regularly and changing any bags or filters.

Pool cleaners normally last between 4 and 7 years.

Schedule Regular Pool Maintenance In Las Vegas

At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we perform professional equipment maintenance, repairs, and replacements to help you get the most out of your warm days. Call today to schedule pool service in Las Vegas or to get a quote on equipment repairs.