Is Your Pool Heater Ready For Fall?

Pool Heater Repair Vegas

At Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas, we can help make sure your pool heater is ready for fall. Summer fun doesn’t have to end at the start of autumn when you have the ability to maintain the temperature of your swimming pool. Don’t wait until the weather cools down to find out if you have pool heater issues. We can inspect, repair, and replace your pool heating equipment.

Some common heater issues would include:

  • Heater Won’t Turn On
  • Low Water Flow
  • Pool Heater Turns Off Unexpectedly
  • Water Isn’t Heating

Leave It To The Pros

Trying to repair issues with your swimming pool equipment on your own can be costly, frustrating, and risky. This could cause further damage to your system and ultimately even result in more costly repairs. Our experienced technicians can correct any issues with your pool heater and make sure you are ready for swimming in the fall or any time of year.

New Heater Installation

Have you been interested in installing a swimming pool heater? When done properly by a professional, this investment can last for many years. We can install a new heating system, or upgrade your current swimming pool equipment.

There are different types of heaters to consider depending on your budget, the size of your pool, and how energy efficient you would like it to be. We can help you decide which option is best for you.

  • Solar Pool Heaters
  • Electric Heat Pumps
  • Gas Heaters

Pool Equipment Maintenance

In Las Vegas, most pool heaters only get used a few months out of the year. No matter what type of pool heater you have, proper maintenance is key to its efficiency and longevity. We can help you prevent repairs or catch them early with regular equipment inspections and maintenance.

Heat Up That Pool In Las Vegas

Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas can help you avoid costly repairs to your swimming pool heater by performing regular maintenance. Don’t wait until fall comes around to find out your heater has problems. We can also keep you swimming well into the winter months by installing a new pool heater. Contact us today to learn how we can extend your pool season!