The Importance Of Fixing Leaking Pool Equipment

Pool Equipment Leak Repair

Save time and money on leaky pool equipment repairs with Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas. Swimming pool and hot tub repairs only get more costly the longer you put them off. Trying to troubleshoot leaks yourself, can be risky and time-consuming. Let our professional service technicians get everything from lights to filters to pumps ready for summer fun.

6 Signs Your Equipment Is Leaking

When your pool equipment is leaking, the signs can sometimes be subtle. But knowing what to watch for can help you pinpoint the problem and get repairs done sooner rather than later.

  1. Drops In Water Level
  2. Yard Or Deck Has Wet Spots Or Puddles
  3. Increased Water Bills
  4. Water Under The Equipment
  5. Increased Algae Growth
  6. Increased Need For Chemicals

Sources Of Equipment Leaks

Once you’ve spotted the signs of a leak, it’s time to find the source. Many different parts can start leaking in and around your swimming pool. When it comes to equipment like plumbing, pumps, and filters, there are several potential culprits.

  1. Pool Pumps
  2. Skimmers
  3. Strainer Baskets
  4. Cracked Valves
  5. Motor Impellers
  6. Filter Housings
  7. Pipes & Plumbing
  8. Equipment Seals
  9. Underwater Lights

Protecting Your Investment

The longer leaks go undetected, the more likely they are to cause even more damage. Leaky equipment will cause your pool’s filtration system to work harder, can cause higher than normal water bills, and can create the need for increased amounts of chemicals. Early leak detection can save you money as well as wear and tear on your pool’s equipment.

Leave Repairs To The Pros

Nobody wants to deal with the expense of unexpected repairs, but trying to DIY the problem and fixes often ends up costing more in the long run. Our experienced technicians can diagnose pool leaks quickly and correctly. They also have the tools needed to make any necessary equipment repairs promptly.

Replacing Leaky Equipment

Unfortunately, your pool’s equipment won’t last forever. If your equipment has outlived its lifespan or you prefer to replace your leaking pool equipment, we are happy to assist. As a bonus, newer equipment will likely be more energy-efficient, saving you money.

Repairs You Can Depend On

Regular maintenance can help you prevent problems like leaky equipment or catch them early. In Las Vegas and Henderson, you can depend on Oasis Pool Maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an inspection appointment and repair quote.