Waterfall & Water Feature Repair

Swimming Pool Waterfall Repair

For waterfall and water feature repair for swimming pools in Las Vegas, count on the services of Oasis Pool Maintenance. We provide year-round regular service and upkeep to ensure the continued beauty and functionality of your backyard water features. You’ve invested time and money in a beautiful poolscape or landscape area. Let us help you keep things pristine and always ready to enjoy.

Common Problems With Outdoor Water Features

Waterfalls and outdoor fountains are fantastic landscape flourishes for entertaining guests or enjoying on your own. If your home has a waterfall or fountain, then regular maintenance is recommended to keep your water feature clear and clean of clogs, bacteria, and the build-up of unsightly algae, molds, and stains. Typical repairs and maintenance needed for waterfalls and water features include:

Pool Waterfall Repair

Providing Las Vegas Valley residents and businesses with optimal pool maintenance and repair services has been our specialty for over 20 years. When it comes to pool waterfall repairs, it’s essential to the health of the people in the water and plumbing system, that in-depth routine maintenance occurs on a regular basis. Even if we aren’t the company who installed your waterfall, our repair team is happy to provide thorough maintenance and repair work to make sure things are running smoothly for you.

Avoid Harboring Toxins In Your Water Feature

There are numerous reasons for homeowners and businesses with outdoor water features to obtain regular services and cleaning. If left to become clogged and corroded, the water in the system can build up with toxic algae blooms, which are difficult and time consuming to remedy on your own. If you have a fountain in a pond, lake, pool, or luxury spa, our maintenance technicians are trained to inspect and efficiently diagnose the problem and make any needed repairs.

Waterfall Maintenance & Repair In Las Vegas

Don’t waste time on trial and error or hunting down special parts and tools. At Oasis Pool Maintenance, we have access to what’s needed to service your pool, spa, or hot tub and repair your outdoor water feature or waterfall. If you need service, are worried about your water feature’s overall performance or are noticing problems contact us today to schedule a proper diagnosis and remedial action plan.