3 Signs Your Pool Waterfall Needs Repair

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If your Las Vegas or Henderson area pool waterfall is giving you cause for concern, call the waterfall repair experts at Oasis Pool Maintenance. Your backyard pool is an inviting oasis that helps you stay cool and refreshed in the harsh Las Vegas heat.

Our pool repair crew can quickly diagnose problems and get your waterfall back into optimal condition. Let’s help you make sure you can enjoy all the parts of your pool all summer long.

Protect Your Investment

A pool waterfall is a valuable investment that provides a source of outdoor entertainment and adds visual appeal to your backyard haven. The cascading waters over natural or artificial rock evoke a sense of nature, both visually and through the relaxing sound of water flowing down and splashing gently into your pool.

A waterfall also adds complexity to your pool design, so you should have it inspected regularly as part of your pool maintenance routine. Our regular pool maintenance services can help identify and fix problems early, preventing more costly repairs down the line.

Signs Your Waterfall Needs Repair

Our water feature repair experts can diagnose and repair your pool waterfall problems. Don’t hesitate to call us, even if it’s not yet time for your monthly pool service. Here are a few signs that there might be a problem.

  • Pump Problems – Just like your regular pool pump, the pump that controls your waterfall can start to malfunction. If it sounds funny, making a loud noise, screeching, or sounding like it has rocks in it, if the water flow is low or intermittent, or if there are signs of leakage near the waterfall, that may be a sign your pump needs repair.
  • Cracks, Fissures, Or Algae Buildup – Cracks, fissures, and other structural damage often indicate hidden leaks, as does excess algae on your waterfall surface or pool walls. A leak may also lead to an unexpected increase in chemical requirements, higher water bills, and a lower than normal water level.
  • Calcium Buildup – Our valley’s hard water leads to mineral buildup on water features such as the hardscape area that creates your pool waterfall. If you see a white or greyish-white stain building up on your waterfall rock surface or other areas of your pool, that is likely to be calcium scaling. Calcium buildup disrupts your pool’s pH.

Pool Repair Services

Oasis Pool Maintenance is a complete pool service and repair company with years of experience servicing Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and surrounding areas. You can trust us with all of your pool maintenance needs, including waterfall repair and maintenance.

Schedule A Pool Waterfall Inspection

For pool waterfall repair and maintenance in Las Vegas, Oasis Pool Maintenance has you covered. We are also happy to provide you with weekly pool services so that you can stay cool in the pool instead of sweating it out with the hard job of cleaning. Call and schedule your appointment today.