Top 5 Pool Equipment Repairs

Common Pool Repairs

Take the hassle out of common pool repairs with Oasis Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas. We provide professional pool services for both residential and commercial pool owners throughout the Vegas Valley.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Keeping your pool, spa, or hot tub ready for use means keeping up with the regular maintenance and repairs that pools frequently need. There are some common pool equipment maintenance and repair services that anyone that owns or runs a pool for any length of time will find themselves in need of.

5 Most Common Repairs

There are some swimming pool repair services that come up more often than the rest. These are areas that our service technicians can address and stay on top of during your regularly scheduled maintenance or individual service calls.

  1. Leaking Skimmer Problems
  2. Pool Cleaner Clogs: Toys left in the pool, branches, and even leaves can collect in the pool cleaner. When these objects get stuck or clog the hose, they prevent the equipment from doing their job thoroughly or can stop it from doing its job at all.
  3. Filter Issues: If water appears cloudy or dirty, you may need to replace the filter media. If you notice debris passing into the pool, the filter cartridge is the most likely culprit. Your worst-case scenario would be a leaking pool filter. Leaking filters must get repaired immediately.
  4. Faulty Heater: Dirty filters and clogged impellers can cause your pool heater to malfunction. You might find that your heater is not heating your pool properly, or that fuses, pilots, circuits, or the thermostat is the issue.
  5. Pump Leaks: If a shaft seal blows, the pump will leak down the bottom of the seal plate.

Sooner Rather Than Later

Tending to pool equipment repairs and maintenance in a timely manner not only helps keep your pool swim-ready but also saves you money. The longer needed repairs are neglected, the more likely that you will be looking at expensive repairs.

Avoiding regular pool maintenance allows small problems to go unnoticed and worsen. In addition, regular maintenance helps to keep your pool and spa equipment clean and functioning properly. Our maintenance services help prevent your equipment from breaking down in the first place.

Take Hassle Out Of Pool Maintenance In Vegas

Whether you need a pool filter replacement in Henderson, a pool pump repair in Las Vegas, or a pool motor repair somewhere in between, the licensed pros at Oasis Pool Maintenance are ready to help you. Contact us today to schedule your pool equipment repair. Discover why locals have been trusting Oasis Pool Maintenance to keep their pools clean and in proper working order for over 20 years.