Pool Services To Get You Ready For Hot Tub Weather

Cold Weather Hot Tub Service

Get ready for fall and winter hot tub fun with pool and spa services from Oasis Pool Maintenance, your Las Vegas and Henderson pool cleaning and repair experts. The advent of cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to avoid the backyard when you can extend the outdoor water season relaxing in a bubbling hot tub with family and friends.

Hot Tub Season

Many tourists who visit Las Vegas come from cold, snowy climates where hot tubs and spas can be closed and winterized for months at a time. Vegas locals, on the other hand, are fortunate in being able to keep enjoying the warmth of a backyard spa throughout the fall and even well into the winter months.

AT Oasis Pool & Maintenance, we have the skills and experience needed to get your hot tub ready and keep it balanced throughout the Las Vegas extended hot tub season.

Opening Your Backyard Spa

Just like your pool, a hot tub or spa requires regular maintenance and cleaning to keep your experience trouble-free. If the hot tub has been closed for a long time, it will probably need to be drained and cleaned.

The filter will need to be cleaned or replaced, the pump primed, the systems tested, and the proper chemical balance achieved after adding water.

It’s a lot of work, especially if equipment repairs are needed, but Oasis Pool Maintenance can get you up and running in no time.

Our Spa & Hot Tub Services

Don’t Forget About Closing Your Pool

As we are getting your spa ready for fall and winter use, Oasis Pool Maintenance can also close your pool for the colder months. Closing or winterizing a pool protects your investment by ensuring it stays clean and covered during the months that it is not in use. Properly cleaning, treating, and covering your pool for the winter also helps protect the pump and other sensitive equipment while it is not in use.

Spa Services In Vegas & Henderson

Oasis Pool Maintenance has served the Las Vegas valley for years, providing top quality pool service and pool repairs. Call us for an appointment and let us help you get ready for spa and hot tub season today.